Door to door, exchange gifts and send whatever you want to your friends.

Our courier service is very simple and fast​

Due to the busyness of many people in the congestion of daily life, we have developed and placed this application in the hands of users, where the driver receives the postal parcel from the sender’s hand wherever he is and delivers it to the addressee wherever he is. The application also allows choosing the type of service where we have immediate shipment and scheduled shipment , for the sender to choose what suits him, and we also provide our customers with multiple payment methods for more ease, our application is easy to use and provides multiple options that keep pace with the times.

How does it work?

detect location

All you have to do is book an appointment through the application, specifying the place and date of receipt and delivery, and the driver will be with you on time to receive the parcel after you have wrapped it well to ensure it arrives safely to the recipient

Submit information:

Through the application, you must specify the name and phone number of the addressee, agree to the terms of service and use, specify information about the parcel in terms of containing fragile items, and whether the items are packed or not.

Payment method:

We have four ways to pay wages: 1- Cash payment. 2- The wallet. 3- Credit card. 4- paypal

Your parcels are in safe hands, with our professional, on-time, honest drivers and our modern vehicles, you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

Package Policy

Package Policies To ensure a successful package delivery, you should consider the following:

Prohibited Substances:

We deliver the postal parcels you want, provided that these parcels do not contain any substances prohibited by the prevailing laws: 1- Medicines. 2- Alcoholic beverages. 3- Narcotics. 4- Firearms, firecrackers, etc. 5- Any materials that violate the law, or constitute a danger in any way.

Possibility to cancel:

You can cancel your order by sending the scheduled parcel at least 6 hours before it is due to be delivered to us, Otherwise, you will not be able to get a refund for the amount you paid for sending the parcel.

Value, weight and measure of the packet:

We are pleased to deliver your postal parcels, within specific criteria: 1- The value of the postal shipment should not exceed 600 euros in Europe, and 150 euros or its equivalent in Arab countries. 2- The weight of the postal shipment should not exceed a maximum of 30 kg . 3- The combined dimensions of the parcels should not exceed 120*60*60 cm as a maximum.

With us, you will feel safe

When you want to send a parcel, or important documents, you are undoubtedly looking for security, speed, and reliability.

Don’t worry about your parcel postage, trust us, we ensure it arrives quickly to the recipient.